SharePoint Missing workflow history – after migration(Resolved)

I had an issue with workflow status page after migrating SharePoint 2007 -2013.The history is available in Workflow history list but it does not show in workflow status page.


Just do a SystemUpdate() for all the items in workflow history list using powershell. This will resolve the issue.

$data1 = Get-Content “F:\Tools\URLsJO.txt”

foreach ($line in $data1)
$url = $line;
$site = new-object microsoft.sharepoint.spsite($url);
Write-Host $site.allwebs.count

$spListColl = $web.Lists

foreach($list in $spListColl)
if($list.Title -eq “Workflow History”)

foreach ($listItem in $list.Items)

Write-Host “Updating Items Done”




About jollsam

10 years of experience in SharePoint Development, Administration and Solution/Infrastructure Architecture.
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